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Gary Collison, Editor of Markers, Journal for the Association of Gravestone Studies reviewed Forgotten Faces for A&A magazine’s December issue and stated: “The collection in Forgotten Faces is wonderful. It is a stunning gallery, filled with haunting echoes of the past. …a wonderful selection, beautifully photographed. …an important addition to the study of both cemeteries and immigrant life in the U.S.” (12/03)

Roots Television | Megan Smolenyak of "Roots World

"Yes, it's on the expensive side (about $50), but I have to have this book!" (11/06)

Loren Rhoads, author of Morbid Curiosity Cures the Blues:

"Forgotten Faces is a beautiful book, but a very strange one, too. Please support (the author's) work and buy this book." (02/11)


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Shelley Esaak - Art History Guide
“The first reference of its kind, Forgotten Faces is recommended reading for those who take an interest in threatened and/or vanishing art mediums and Americans with immigrant roots. The latter group includes most of us who claim United States citizenship.
To describe the portraits as "haunting" would be taking the easy adjective out. The markers that depict young children - and there are many of these - are especially forcible visions. Horne does an admirable job of explaining how, exactly, the technology can produce an object capable of withstanding the elements for many decades.” (03/08/05)

Elizabeth Broman reviewer for Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

Ronald Horne has written a very well organized and informative documentation of photo-ceramic memorial portraits. Horne’s observations are heartfelt, and his excitement is contagious and palpable. I was alternately charmed, saddened, and intrigued by the photographs of these people. The book deals with a fascinating wealth of images...After reading it and going through the photos several times, I feel truly inspired to go out and discover the portraits and stories in the cemeteries of my own city."

“This is a unique and intriguing history of immigrant America. Featuring beautiful photographs throughout, it is very well researched and a valuable contribution to the literature.” (5/05)

"Keep an eye out for the finished version of FORGOTTEN FACES: A WINDOW INTO OUR IMMIGRANT PAST: it's a unique coverage of photo-ceramic memorial grave portraits and provides an outstanding survey of memorial portraiture as its own art form. This could have been mentioned under our art review section but is featured here for its important cultural insights as well: California immigrant history comes to life in an outstanding visual and written survey of a unique art and memorial form which should not be missed."  (6/06)

Jim Kerr, News Director
and Host of "On the Town" for ABC/KNCO’s radio called Forgotten Faces “a fascinating book, beautifully presented.” (8/2/04)

Laura Lent - Adult Collections Coordinator writes “ …a wonderful book with well researched essays. It eloquently expresses California’s immigrant roots while the faces in the memorial portraits speak movingly. I highly recommend this beautiful and unique book.” (10/05)

“Images of immigrants from 28 nations have been captured to heartrending perfection presenting a unique cross section of photographic art and history combined.” (2/05)
Feature Article Headlines: “Memorial Portraits in Stone – Working Class Art Left Unforgettable Faces from the Past” (6/19/04)